New Issue: Collections

Collections Vol 13 N2

Note from Editor
Juilee Decker

Introduction from Guest Editors
Greg Lambousy and Mark Cave

Using Oral Histories at The National WWII Museum
Keith Huxen

20th Century Bronx Childhood: Recalling the Faces and Voices
Janet Butler Munch

Digital Storytelling for Heritage across Media
Natalie Underberg-Goode

The Louisiana State Museum Music Collection Oral Histories: Digitization, Preservation, and Use
David Kunian

(Co)Constructing Public Memories: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Creating Born-Digital Oral History Archives
Ren Harman, Tarryn Abrahams, Andrew Kulak, David Cline, Adrienne Serra, Ellen Boggs, Shannon Larkin, Jessie Rogers, Ashley Stant, Quinn Warnick, Katrina Powell

Past Forward: Oral History Interviews with Holocaust Survivors and Storytelling
Uta Larkey

The Brooklyn Listening Project: Using Oral History as a Pedagogical Tool
Colleen Bradley-Sanders

Listening to Scientists’ Stories: Using the British Library’s “An Oral History of British Science” Archive
Ruth Wainman

Telling the Stories of Forgotten Communities: Oral History, Public Memory, and Black Communities in the American South
Marco Robinson, Farrah Gafford Cambrice, Phyllis Earles

This Sense of Place/This Living Archive: Co-Creative Digitization and First Nations People’s Remembering
Benjamin Ridgeway and Olivia Guntarik

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