New/Recent Publications and Scholarship

Storytelling with Objects to Explore Digital Archives, by David Blezinger and Elise van den Hoven. (Association for Computing Machinery)

Digital Heritage. Progress in Cultural Heritage: Documentation, Preservation, and Protection, 6th International Conference, EuroMed 2016, Nicosia, Cyprus, October 31 – November 5, 2016, Proceedings, Part II

Mapping Archival Silence: technology and the historical record, by Marlene Manoff

Long Way for Hong Kong to Achieve Democracy: Urgent Call for the Archives Law to Protect Valuable Government Records: Informational Interview with Cyd Ho, JP

Managing Digital Assets in a Collaborative Environment, by Christine Wiseman, Sarah Tanner, Joshua D. Hogan

Digital Humanities, Archives and the Global Classroom, by Sam Livingston and Monique Earl Lewis

Framing Collaboration: Archives, IRs, and General Collections, by Amy Cooper Cary, Michelle Sweetster, Scott Mandernack, and Tara Baillargeon

ArTSchives: A Springboard Towards Various Types of Museums and Artistic Creation, by Lise Robichaud

Digital Library Programs for Libraries and Archives: Developing, Managing, and Sustaining Unique Digital Collections, by Aaron Purcell


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