Special New Issue: Provenance

When I was still Provenance Editor, I started the process of a special audiovisual issue. From the start, then Associate Editor and now Editor Heather Oswald took the reigns. I’m excited to see it is now available!

What makes this issue different is that some of the content is audiovisual “articles.” The goal was to not have a print/text only issue, but experiment with AV as content. I hope to see more of this not just in Provenance but other journals as well!

Current Issue: Volume 34, Number 1 (2016) Audiovisual Issue

Front Matter

Front Matter
Heather Oswald

Editor’s Note
Heather Oswald


Opening Access to Fresh Air’s Archives
Melody Kramer and Anu Paul

The Digitizing of ’34
Traci JoLeigh Drummond and Kathryn Michaelis

From Basement Storage to Online Access: Processing and Digitizing the Mathematical Association of America General Mathematics Film Production Elements
Justin Kovar

University Of Maryland Madrigal Singers 1964 Tour
Eric Cartier

Art of Defiance: Found Footage, Legal Provenance, and the “Aesthetics of Access”
Claudy W. Op den Kamp

“Is This Enough?” Digitizing Liz Lerman Dance Exchange Archives Media
Bria Parker, Robin C. Pike, and Vincent Novara

Moving Forward: Enhancing Preservation of and Access to Oral Histories at UNLV University Libraries
Karla Irwin

Some Remarks on Motion Picture Film Digitization and Communicating Expectations to Digitization Vendors
John Christian Lott and Alexnader Kroh

Demonstrating Playback: Two Legacy Videotape Machines in Action
Michael Angeletti

Playback Equipment: Interviews with AV Professionals
Alicia Esquivel

Words Painting Pictures: Indexing the H. Lee Waters Project using OHMS
Craig Breaden

Back Matter

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