Please participate in NISO Publications Portfolio Survey

I received this email and while it’s not necessarily about scholarly publishing per se, I encourage anyone interested to participate. It’s great when publishers ask for input!

NISO, the National Information Standards Organization, is undertaking a substantive review of our publications portfolio to determine our best focus and attention in the future. To help us fully understand the broader impacts of the various standards, recommended practices, technical reports, white papers and other documents that NISO has published, we want include as much community input to this process as possible.

All community members are invited to participate in our publications portfolio survey at The survey will be open throughNovember 20.

NISO publishes several types of documents:
  • Standards: The most formal, “fixed” documents that NISO publishes, providing rules, guidelines or characteristics for activities or their results. ANSI/NISO standards are approved by the American National Standards Institute and represent the highest form of stakeholder consensus.
  • Recommended Practices: “best practices” or “guidelines” for methods, materials, or practices in order to give guidance to the user. These documents usually represent a leading edge, exceptional model, or a proven industry practice.
  • Technical Reports: provide useful information about a particular topic, but do not make specific recommendations about practices to follow. They are thus “descriptive” rather than “prescriptive” in nature.
  • White Papers, Primers, etc.: contributed or solicited papers whose purpose is a call for action, a position paper, or an educational treatise on a specific issue.
Your input to this survey, which will solicit your knowledge and attitudes about our varied publications, sorted by type, would be gratefully received. More than one representative from an organization may fill it out, as we recognize that there may be various perspectives represented, and we appreciate these! We anticipate that it will take 20-25 minutes to fill out the survey. You may pause the survey and come back to it at a later time, if you are using the same computer and browser.

Thank you for your help. Please feel free to email any questions to

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