New Issue: SLIS Connecting

Volume 5, Issue 1, 2016


SLIS Director’s Update
Teresa S. Welsh Ph.D., MLIS

Spotlights: Faculty, Alum, and Courses
Stacy Creel

From the GAs, Congratulations, Publications, Presentations
Teresa S. Welsh Ph.D., MLIS

Student Associations News and Events
Teresa S. Welsh Ph.D., MLIS

Graphic Novels, Comics, Manga, & Anime
Stacy Creel

In the Trenches: A Comparison of Public Children’s Librarianship and School Librarianship
Lindsey Miller Beck

Young Adult Literature: The State of a Restless Art
Michael Cart


Teen Tested: The State of YA Services in America’s Public Libraries
James Pinkard

Reading Materials and Reading Trends of Youth Incarcerated in Mississippi’s State-Run Training School
Rodney M. Ashmore

Assessing the High School Graphic Novel Collections in Northeast Mississippi High Schools: A Collection Analysis
Nicole Minor

Reluctant Readers: An Analysis of Educational and LIS Literature from 1993-2013
Kelli Bennett

Full Issue

SLIS Connecting, Volume 5, Issue 1
Stacy Creel and Teresa S. Welsh Ph.D., MLIS

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