SAA Recap

Attending SAA is one of my favorite things. Seeing old friends, making new, hearing about projects and accomplishments, and seeing the excitement of archivists for our profession. And this year, it was great to go back to Atlanta where my publishing activities officially started.

First, I want to say thank you to those of you who told me this blog is helpful and that you read it. I’ve been doing this for just over a year and one of my upcoming goals is to do more to market it and gain more readership. So please help spread the word! I’m also hoping to get more contributors, so if you’re interested in sharing your experience or know someone who has something to say, let me know.

There were several opportunities at SAA to talk about publishing. I went to the SAA Toast to Authors, hung out at the bookstore, and attended the Write Away! breakfast. And, of course, there were many conversations in between.

I’ve attended the Write Away! breakfast since 2011. I always enjoy seeing the new faces interested in publishing, the ideas and accomplishments of SAA, and talking with people about writing. I talked to my table about the Reference and Access book and received some good tips and ideas of content. Some were already in my plans, which was helpful to know that I’m on the right track, and some were new ideas.

One question directed at SAA was how do archivists know what are topics of interest or what others are working on where they may want contributors or co-authors? I’ve had this or similar discussions several times over the past few years, and I think it’s time we start figuring it out. I have some ideas: an email discussion group, Google spreadsheet to find ideas and collaborators, live Twitter chats, and using this blog. Please post any ideas in the comments. Talking to each other will help advance writing and publishing!

3 thoughts on “SAA Recap

  1. Cheryl — as always it was great to see you and talk about our mutually beloved topic of finding more people to write! One idea I had some time ago was to start an Archivists Writing Support group — I began outlining what such a group would look like here:

    I don’t have time to spearhead it at the moment, but if someone wants to take the idea and run with it, I would love to see that (AND be active as a participant/follower!)


  2. Thanks Eira! I knew you had done something before. I’ll probably ask your feedback as I formulate a way to move forward.


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