New Issue: Archival Issues

reposted from the A&A listserv:

On its way to you?

Yes, if you are a member of the Midwest Archives Conference, or a subscriber to its journal, the latest issue is on its way by postal mail. AI also is available on line, but with a one year/one volume embargo for non-members.

Dan Noonan leads off the new issue with a provocative question about collecting one potentially voluminous group of records, college and university syllabi: “Does Size Matter in the Digital Age?” The Ohio State University electronic records/digital resources archivist makes a strong case for the feasibility and the value of this effort.

Chiu-yen Lin, deputy director-general of the National Archives Administration in Taiwan, ROC, reviews archival theory and the practices of four national archives programs. Her findings direct readers “Toward a Holistic Model for the Management of Documents, Records, and Archives.”

Two Canadian authors, Amanda Oliver (Archives Society of Alberta’s Flood Advisory Programme) and Anne Daniel (Western University), examine the depiction of archivists in forty-three films, most from the past twenty-five years. They conclude that, “Although some movie archivists possess the stereotypical qualities identified in the literature review, they overwhelmingly demonstrate unexpected qualities and behaviors….”

The issue concludes with reviews of eight books touching on domestic topics as varied as extensible processing, leadership of historical enterprises, managing donors, and digital preservation. Four reviewed books bring an international perspective on the archives of dictatorship, cultural heritage information, archiving ethnicity, and French philosophy.

Archival Issues welcomes manuscripts for consideration at all times during the year. Please contact John Fleckner, chair, editorial board, for more information:

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