New Issue: Archive Journal

Archive Journal just released their fifth issue. They focus on “the use and theory of archives and special collections in higher education.” This journal is great because it is open access and also bridges traditional and interdisciplinary content.

The first feature is a Q&A about defining “radical archives.” One response notes it as “quite broadly, as any practice, record, documentation, or collection that challenges archival traditions or standards.” The archivists participating in this feature manage collections such as documenting Ferguson, transgender, DPLA, and others.

I was particularly interested in the introduction “Radical Archives” by Lisa Darms and Kate Eichhorn. I reviewed Eichhorn’s book The Archival Turn in Feminism: Outrage in Order for the upcoming issue of Provenance. It was a great book, and I appreciate the journal bringing in a non-archivist to guest edit the issue. We need to do more to truly be cross-disciplinary and this is one way to further engage researchers and scholars in our profession.

Other content includes a review of a Rare Book School course, teaching American archives internationally, cooking archives, and a review of CNI (Coalition for Networked Information) Annual Meeting.

I appreciate their efforts to not have a narrow focus on the archival profession. Hope you check it out!

One thought on “New Issue: Archive Journal

  1. I agree with Kathy, short reviews are hard, so this is awesome! The haiku at the top of my post can take me almost as long to write as the whole rest of the theFf.nyrigly´s last post ..


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