Publishing Events at SAA in Cleveland

Next week I hope to see you in Cleveland! I am always happy to chat with anyone who has article ideas or questions about publishing. You’ll find me wandering around, hanging out at the Bookstore, the Write Away! Breakfast, and the Let’s Do Lunch “Archives for Libraries.” I’ll resume regular posts after SAA.

It was my attendance at a Write Away! Breakfast in 2011 where I started to get to know SAA staff and others involved with publishing. I had a taste of publishing having just co-authored my first article for Archival Outlook about taking the ACA exam (also published in the ACA newsletter). I had recently become a peer-reviewer for Provenance. Most importantly, I started to realize my passion for publishing.

Conversations at and after that first breakfast led to connecting with others to submit a program proposal about publishing (unaccepted, unfortunately). Continuing that conversation led to an appointment to the SAA Publications Board. That led me to gain invaluable knowledge of how publishing works, meet amazing people, and receive wonderful opportunities. Since then, I compiled and wrote an introduction for the SAA Sampler: Archival Advocacy and am now writing the third edition of the Archival Fundamental Series book on Reference and Access.

Networking doesn’t guarantee publication, of course, but it definitely helps you find other people who are interested, who can advise, and who can support you as you enter the world of publishing. You just never know when an opportunity will arise!

Here are events that you can attend:

Bookstore: 8-5:30 Wed, 7-5:30 Thur-Fri, 7:30-10am Sat. Meeting Room 19.

New members, students, and First-Timers are encouraged to meet in the Networking Cafe/Bookstore from 8-8:45 Thur.

Let’s Do Lunch (brown bag; registration required, email Anne Hartman at ahartman [at], in the subject line, indicate: “American Archivist Discussion Group” OR “Archives in Libraries Discussion Group”): 12:15-1:30 Thur. (Note: I don’t know if there are seats left)

Bookstore, Toast to Authors: 2:45-3 Thur. Join in hoisting a glass of lemonade to those who have contributed to SAA publications — journal, magazine, books, modules, and case studies—in the past year.

Write Away! Breakfast: 7:30-8:15 Fri. An informal discussion with Publications Editor Chris Prom, The American Archivist Editor Greg Hunter and Reviews Editor Amy Cooper Cary, and SAA staff Teresa Brinati and Anne Hartman on how you can contribute to the professional literature.

“Office Hours” in the Exhibit Hall: 12:30-1:45 Fri. An opportunity to chat with The American Archivist Editor Greg Hunter, Publications Editor Chris Prom, and Dictionary Working Group Chair Rosemary Pleva Flynn.

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