New Issue: Archival Science

Volume 18, Issue 1, March 2018

“If there are no records, there is no narrative”: the social justice impact of records of Scottish care-leavers
Heather MacNeil, Wendy Duff, Alicia Dotiwalla, Karolina Zuchniak

A call to rethink archival creation: exploring types of creation in personal archives
Jennifer Douglas

Archives in the trenches: repatriation of African National Congress liberation archives in diaspora to South Africa
Mpho Ngoepe, Sidney Netshakhuma

Imagining transformative spaces: the personal–political sites of community archives
Michelle Caswell, Joyce Gabiola, Jimmy Zavala, Gracen Brilmyer…

Recent Issue: Archival Science

Archival ScienceVolume 17, Issue 3, September 2017

Agency in the archive: a model for participatory recordkeeping

Gregory Rolan

Democratising or privileging: the democratisation of knowledge and the role of the archivist

Craig Gauld

The personal versus the institutional voice in an open photographic archive

Karin Wagner

Investigating original order with cybernetics and community detection algorithms

K. S. Chandler

Privacy as an archival problem and a solution

Pekka Henttonen

New Issue: Archival Science

Volume 16, Issue 3

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“Is the archivist a ‘radical atheist’ now? Deconstruction, its new wave, and archival activism”
Richard J. Matthews

“House proud: an ethnography of the BC Gay and Lesbian Archives”
Danielle Cooper

“A marshall in love. Remembering and forgetting queer pasts in the Finnish archives”
Riikka Taavetti

“Jewish archives and archival documents: Israel and the Diaspora”
Silvia Schenkolewski-Kroll